Dec 1, 2005

When Shallowness Dwells at the Depths of One's Soul

Soul searching is not something to be Googled. I guess it's quite arrogant of me to be somewhat disappointed in many people who don't seem to value self-actualization, or at least have some inquiry into who they really are as opposed to who they believe their selves to be. Being blind to our own blindnesses, believing our own hype, and only getting constructive criticism from people who we know will never really tell us what they believe, are roadblocks to self discovery. We need to create a device that basically "lays it all out for you." We need a Magic 8 Ball that literally says what needs to be said. Imagine feeling upset at the world and knowing that something is gnawing at your innards. "Ah, ha!" you say, "I'll ask the Magic 8 Ball." You pick it up saying, "O' Magic 8 Ball...what ails me?" After shaking it, the triangular floating piece from within gives you the answer, "You're a Flipping Idiot and You're Wife's Cheating On You. P.S. You're Boring @ Parties." Problem solved. Sure it might hurt but the truth has come forth and growth can occur. Of course, I think a wife might just be able to be as efficient as any Magic 8 Ball.


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