Mar 6, 2006

The Time Between Traumatic Moments

Everyone is due a traumatic moment in their life from time to time. Many seem almost magnetized to them. The time between one horrible event and another are spent in recovery, wisdom enhancement, and assessing how much denial to allow into one's life. Denial, though wrought with negative aspects and too much criticism, has its place upon the health shelf. Without a little bit of denial I would not drive on the freeway. Without a great dose of denial I would not fly in a plane. Without a handful of denial I would never go to the county fair. Denial helps us be brave. We all know the other side of denial too well. But for today's rant, I choose to use the healthy side to ferret my stammering about the time betwixt traumatic moments.
Earlier today I was in line at the ever so popular orange chicken making machine, Panda Express, when I realized that I was among the many who were between the traumatic moments of life. It's a good feeling. There is no great pain or troubling dreams or even lack of appetite. I, like so many, can enjoy going to and fro, eating and drinking, and giving in marriage. Will I experience trauma again? Of course. Will it happen today? Probably not. Will it happen tomorrow? Again, not likely. Am I in denial? I'm in the same denial we all are in when we realize that life is difficult, danger is out there, the inevitable is inevitable, but we'll be danged if we're going to stay at home and mope about it on the couch when the world is full of fun things like theme parks, airplanes, cars, county fairs and, of course, orange chicken.

Feb 16, 2006

Considering All Things...I'll Try Not To Laugh Too Hard

Why is it that our days on this planet are subject to interpretation? There are not just two sides to every story. There's a buttload of 'em. When everything's said and done, and we're standing in front of the Lord on Judgment Day, we'll probably be amazed at the story He tells about our life. I hope He tells it with theme music in the background. Of course, if your life story starts out and you hear horror flick theme music you know you're doomed. Maybe our lives need a soundtrack. Many video games today allow the player to turn up or down the soundtrack during gameplay. Just imagine how great that would be if we had that ability! Romance, school, work, fights, action, traffic, and so on would all be heightened to a new level with appropriate music. Unfortunately, we'd be stuck with the whole interpretation problem again. Music denotes feelings and expresses situations that words fail to do. If we think we're winning an argument it would be good to hear the Rocky theme in the background. But if the other person thinks that they're winning the argument the music wouldn't be appropriate. It would also get crazy if we bumped into someone else who was engaged in some sort of activity that demanded Mozart or Slipknot to be played in their situation. Alright, the whole idea is ridiculous but that doesn't deter me from my earlier plight that interpretation is a prickly ball of hardened puss. Or maybe it's a jagged plush toy that smells of tofu. Whatever. The point is that our lens of interpretation narrates our life's story. That lens better be up to par or we are screwed. Humility helps polish that lens as does a heaping of wisdom. Of course, those seem to be determined upon culture, religious conviction, knowledge, and the like. Which, of course, are open to interpretation.

Jan 29, 2006

That Predestined Feeling of Free Will Soaked in Dejavu'

Not to sound trite, but I feel typical today. This last weekend I was a bit under the weather. I had a hard time retreiving certain files in my brain. I would double-click on certain memory and fact files but it was to no avail. My brain might have a virus. Then again, maybe I just need to shut down for awhile and restart. Either way I'm starting to feel better. That's about all I've got today. Ciao.

Jan 16, 2006

This is only a test

Earlier this week I blogged on this a'here post and it did not publish. What an upsetting thing that was. But not as upsetting as the experience the midwest fans of 24 had when the last ten minutes of the season premiere was cut off. In order to ensure that this will publish successfully, I am going to press post now. Sorry, this is only a test.