May 27, 2012

May 24, 2012

The Dullness of Power

Why is it the more powerful someone becomes, the less imaginative they tend to be? Power must dull the creative juices. Maybe, as the person in power grows, they have little need to impress anyone with their gifting. Thus, they just stop working their creative muscle. (Which I think is located in the elbow area, next to the funny bone). 

It reminds me how some guys put on a great show in order to impress a young lady. They’ll open doors, buy them gifts, watch their P’s and Q’s, and act like a wondrous romantic. Then, after they secure the lady, for which they have hunted, they drop their facade and act, well, turdish. Once they rise to a place of power in the relationship they stop listening to those around them. 


Perhaps, it’s because a powerful person is all about their Self. Their sense of beauty becomes limited. Instead of beauty being at the heart of their good and moral life, they have purposely, due to years of mistrust, hurt, and pride, hung a portrait of Self. Except with more hair and less body fat. 

Sometimes, popular musicians lose their hunger to win over an audience and resort to riding the wave of their outdated number one hit. Did money and fame dull their creativity? Nah. It’s probably all the dope they smoked.  

Hmmm, ... maybe the exact opposite of all I said is true. Perhaps, those who are not powerful have less responsibility and, as a result, more time to spend their waking hours daydreaming. 

I don’t like that thought so much. It makes me feel a tad convicted. 

Let’s stick with the fact that powerful people are dull and “over-Selfed.” Yeah, ... now I fell better about myself. Except, I believe I've been lacking in the creativity department for my overuse of the the words “perhaps” and “maybe” in the writing of this blurb. That’s probably due to the rise in power I’ve been experiencing lately . . . 

. . . maybe. 

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May 15, 2012


As a sign of the End Times, the new Facebook App called Journey of Jesus promises to be " a fun adventure quest game where you overcome obstacles, fulfill missions, and participate in miracles."  It also claims to be the first ever video game about Jesus. What? Is that true? Apparently, yes it is. I've ventured throughout the far reaches of Google and was not able to discover a video game that starred the Lord of Hosts. 

I've just started to play the game and ... well ... it might not be that bad. I'll report on it more ... I think the game is about to baptize me.


Video of the game: