Nov 30, 2005

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Wanted: The World's First Postmodern American Gypsy

I've been listening to Django Reinhardt this week. That's one crazy gypsy. His playing demands the listener to fantasize about playing as good, if not better, than Django. Regardless, I wish there were more gypsies floating around America. My sister-in-law spent six years in Hungary and saw gypsies every day. She even had one crap on her front porch! I'm not saying that we need more front porch dookies, it's just that seeing a covered wagon, decorated in classic gypsy decor, with lanterns swaying back and forth, while the wildly clad gypsy natives sing and dance, would be a nice touch to the American sunset.
For some odd reason I want to connect the fact that the name Django Frett would be a nice whimsical name for an intergalactic guitar playing bounty hunting gypsy to what I'm talking about but, I just can't bring myself to perform such an act.

Nov 11, 2005

One Week with McLaren

I am amazed that I'm actually attempting to start this blog up again. But after a week with Brian McLaren, I am feeling a new sense of inspiration erode through my lackadaisical attitude toward bloggaholia.

Being in the Dmin program at Fuller Theological Seminary has been a wondrous trek. This week, and I mean it, has far surpassed my greatest expectations. The title of the class was Ministry in the Post-Modern Matrix. The teacher was Brian McLaren and was co-taught by Keith Williams. There were a couple guest speakers as well like Eddie Gibbs and Ray Anderson. This emergent conversation is good fuel for the theological juices.

I hope to commit more time to this subject and blog. We'll see how it goes.