Dec 16, 2005

Of Journals and Things...

When it comes to journal collections, time management systems, and other tools of reflection and self-organization, I have an arsenal. I remember a teacher once telling me that based on my personality type, ENFP, that I probably had several time-keepers and journals and did not know where they all were. I've learned that those areas of life...such as time-management, will not come easy for me...but, not to fear, I still am able to overcome such a human frailty but that it would require much work. Just because it is not in my DNA does not mean that I cannot obtain said habits. But it will always be a struggle for me. I know this. That is why I must work at it. It's like having the DNA of a hefty person but still being able to keep the weight off. It just takes work. Oh, but there is that nasty thing called procrastination. Unfortunately, I rely on procrastination to get me through the tough times. I come alive under pressure. It helps being in ministry to have such a demeanor. Being an instinct driven person does not always help me to maintain a journal or a time keeper. But, oddly enough, my instincts tell me that I better keep trying. Whew! I did it! I did not have the gumption to blog today but I forced myself to accomplish this act. Sure, it wasn't exciting, keep with the theme of this paragraph, I kept working at it!


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