Dec 8, 2005

Humanity Can Do Life So Well

In case I didn't know already, it's best that I inform myself that people, at times, can do life so well. Weddings are a perfect example. Being a pastor, I've had the opportunity to perform multiple weddings. Some of them are more enjoyable than others and I've learned why. First off, money helps. Poor weddings add tension to the air while nicely financed shindigs bring joy, merriment, and a bit of honor to the occasion. Yet, money does not denote a formula for a successful wedding. Every wedding has a certain vibe to it. When people feel that the couple is making a mistake, or are too young, or there's a baby on the way, or any other reason that causes the audience to "talk" does not promote a great wedding no matter how much money is involved. When the audience is comfortable with the couple's decision and it is obvious that the wedding has been planned well with plenty of thought and resources put into the event, humans begin to shine. Alcohol also causes humans to shine but that is not a necessary ingredient for success. When everything seems to be going fine, the vibe and perception of the couple is healthy, people begin to carry a sense of honor that may not have been seen earlier in the day. Even in the poorest of weddings humans rise to the occasion and enjoy life to the full. Of course, there are also a group at any wedding that act like polished turds. But those people are necessary on several levels. They bring gifts, add fullness to the crowd, make others feel glad not to be them, and add depth to the event. It is important to keep in mind that the people whom we think are the polished turds may be thinking the same about us. There are not enough opportunities for humanity to shine in today's crazy world. Weddings give people the opportunity to dress nice, celebrate life, meet new people, observe a holy moment, get drunk, dance the chicken dance, and eat chicken cordon bleu. Humanity needs these expressions of life. It's a way to put humanity in a suit. And we look good in a suit. We dress up real nice.


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