Dec 7, 2005

We Dig People Who Dig Our Truth

Smoldering away in the almosts of my mind is a simple philosophy of liking people because they share the same common view as myself. When two numbskulls meet they, after the quick introduction and niceties, begin seeking a common ground on which to bond. Music, sports, sex, weather, God, and all the rest are great examples of the ingredients of a common bond. Being the addicts of community and acceptance that we are, we may tweak our view a bit in order to acquire a new friendship. If for example I begin a conversation with someone new and I say that I love Johnny Cash's music and they begin to grimmace, somewhat seem disappointed with my statement, and then reward my declaration with a cheese grin, I tend to offer up another statement about the same subject that is bound to bring them into agreement with me. Here's how that might look: "Hello," I say to a new person.
"Hello," they respond.
"I like Johnny Cash's music," I say.
"Oh," they respond, "that's nice."
Awkward silence.
"Johnny Cash was an ugly cuss," I say.
"Darn tootin'," they respond with a look of interest on their brow.
Bonding begins. Life is beautiful.