Jun 1, 2004

DVY: The Bold, The Beautiful, The Bodacious

There has been a lot of change going around lately. We have Matt Yriarte coming on staff soon, there's the everlooming youth building, we're getting ready for summer, we're still balancing being responsible for the college group and, the most exciting, rumor has it that many of us are getting in shape. Yet, we lack. Oh, dear sweet child o' mine, we lack. We need to work on our connecting/greeting students, we need to focus our leadership--with meetings/worship times, we need to sharpen our programs and basketball skills, we need, we need, we need ... Maybe we should change our dress code! How about cardigans and mu-muus!
This week launches a personal campaign of mine to make everything we do better and more effective. Since the Gate is off to a fairly good start, I can now focus more of my attention back to the Bold, the Beautiful, and the Bodacious!