Jun 21, 2004

Let's Hear It for Cheesy Movies

Nothing takes my mind off things that are important like a cheesy sci-fi movie. If I'm lucky, the movie takes place in a pseudo post-apocalyptic scenario that finds many of the characters wearing leather, swords, mohawks, and makeup. The hero is easy to distinguish amidst the other dregs of the post echelon. He's the one with the five o'clock shadow.
Whenever I sin I feel as if I spent my entire Saturday wasting my life watching those pathetic flicks while only supping upon overcooked Top Ramen. Frustration and disappointment overwhelm me. It is in that moment that I try and find some glimmer of hope that will give me reason to believe that I will not find myself wasting another Saturday watching Biker Fight @ Thermal Nuclear High!
My understanding of God's compassion toward me, his acceptance of me and his placing of my person within his kingdom (i.e. nobility), aids me in hope for a better day. Until then, I'll try my best not to hear the voice of Chicken Flavored Top Ramen call out to me.


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