Jun 16, 2004

Embracing the Presence of God

Whenever I have gone hiking and met someone on the trail they are always quick to say hi, chat for a bit, and then give me a tidbit of information about the trail. When I first was becoming a Christian I had the same experience. People on a spiritual journey would always say hi, chat for a bit, and then give me some advice on the road ahead. There's something about encountering God that drives many of us to share with others who are also on the journey. In fact, we'll even share with people who are not on the journey. We always prod those who are not with, what we think to be, convincing evidence, healthy stimulation, and a good dose of warning/consequences/judgment.
When we embrace the presence of God, either during worship, prayer or some sort of spiritual encounter, the journey becomes quite complex. We are confronted with an unusual sense of our own frailty coupled with a outpouring of grace, love, and forgiveness. The wonder factor that seems to emanate from our encounters leave us, at times, speechless. We then take this speechless expression and begin to share it with others. Odd--don't you think?


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