Nov 3, 2011


During the Y2K Bug scare, there was an old german lady who told me that her children had packed up their belongings and moved to Utah. They left to build a shelter and to brace their family for the coming apocalypse that would be created by the Y2K Bug of Doom. I asked her what she thought about the Y2K Bug. She just laughed and said nothing would happen. And that, if it did happen, it wouldn't be that big of a deal. If it did become a big deal, she said that she would just deal with it when it happened. I asked her if she knew much about computers. She told me "not a stitch" and smiled.
When I prodded her for the reason for her confidence, she smiled and said that there were two reasons. First, and foremost, she was a Christian and trusted in God to take care of any situation. Even if that meant death or starvation. "These things happen," she said. "But God is good." "So," I said, "what is the second reason." "Hitler," she said with a painful look on her face.
"Hitler? How does he factor in to Y2K?"
"I was 14 years old and lived in Germany when Hitler came to power. After living through that, what can the Y2K Bug do me or anybody else that he didn't?"
"Wow. What was that situation like for you?"
"My school was bombed every now and then. I would be studying math and then the sirens would blare and I would hide under my desk while the bombs fell all around. I saw many of my friends and family die. It was horrible. But God was good to us."
"Is it hard for you to talk about it?"
"Not anymore," she said while leaning backward in her chair and waving her hand away in a shooing fashion. "There is still some shame in me, however."
"Why is that?"
"As a Christian, as a human being, as a person who knew better, I got caught up in the Hitler hype."
"Did you know what he was doing to the Jews?"
"We heard rumors. But it wasn't shown to us in the papers or theater. But we knew." She then stared out the window and became a bit out of breath as she confessed a painful experience from her past. "One day," she began, "we were told that Hitler would be driving down our street and that if we didn't go outside and salute him, then we would be considered traitors and punished severely. We went outside. It sickened me so. But then, as I saw him atop his car, with his arm out toward us, and the crowd screaming his praise, something came over me. I felt it. Then I began to shout out to him. It was so powerful. I shouted praises to him. The moment was overwhelming. And then he passed on by and the parade was over. Everyone was so happy. As soon as I walked inside my house, this great feeling of guilt came over me. As a Christian, I cannot believe I gave into that, that, .... I don't know what it was. Evil. Power. I felt so ashamed. I know I was only 14, but I knew better."
I stood there in silence as she rocked back and forth in her chair. She continued. "So, no. I am not worried about the Y2K Bug. I've seen evil. I've lived through the horrors of war. I've seen what man has done. I've seen what man can do. God brought me through all of that. My children will return home after the Y2K Bug proves false. They're just being silly. However, looking at it all there is only one thing to be said."
"What's that?" I asked.
She leaned forward, pointed upward, and with tears in her eyes said, "God is good."


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Love this! Great writing! Thanks for sharing.

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