Dec 15, 2010

church online dot tee vee

Last night I watched and experienced Groetschel's experience.  I'll go into detail about my thoughts, etc. later ... but I must get this off my chest first.  They had a guest pastor on who lead's a megachurch of about ten thousand in Texas.  Here is his name and sermon topic: Robert Morris "Multiply" ... "Sometimes it’s good if things don’t add up. When God is in the equation, we can end up with way more than we expected. Learn what can happen in our lives when we shift our thinking and start to Multiply."  Overall impression:  "You've got to be kidding me!"  He was so cheesy.  His reinterpretation of the sharing of the loaves and fish was ridiculous.  It wasn't horrible ... it was like listening to someone's uncle who is a Christian retell a parable that he thinks is funny and you're just smiling cuz he's so nice.  His underlying principle was saturated with the "hundred fold in your billfold" bull crap.  Ahhgh!!!  I can't write about this anymore ... I'm late for jury duty.