Jan 22, 2005

Blogging's Easy ... Remembering to blog is the hard stuff!

Interesting. I felt prompted to jump back on this once I realized it still existed. I guess BLOGGER just keeps them on here forever.

Life in this post-tsunami world is interesting. Today, 25 days after the waters rose, they found a lone survivor named Michael on a demolished island waving a flag made from his clothes. He, being the only survivor from his village, kept nourished on coconuts. Talk about a paradigm shift! One day you're hanging with your tribe, then, the next, everyone on the island is sucked out to sea except you. Apparently, Michael was sucked out on the first wave but got tossed back up on shore during a stronger second wave. On top of all that, due to the island's locale, he had 25 days to dwell on the experience before he was spotted in only his scivvies, waving the rest of his clothes in the air.
I wonder what that guy thought about? He probably has some sense of destiny. It would be futile for him to return to civilization only to choke on a chicken bone at some dingy fast food restaurant. Or, if the guy is a creep, how demented it would be if he became a serial killer, terrorist, or fashion consultant. My guess here is that God doesn't take lightly the fact the he survived. If ever a person had ample time to dialogue with God about the meaning of life and their calling Michael Mangal is that man.


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